I had been experiencing an increase in my allergies over the past few years. Deciding that I would prefer not to put a chemical into my body, I worked with Dockter-Lutz Chiropractic. After the first two treatments, my allergy symptoms had greatly diminished. After two more adjustments my allergy symptoms were gone! I could mow my grass, do work in my garden and take a walk all without itching, sneezing etc. Not only were my allergies gone, the headaches I experienced were few and far between. I was thrilled with the results and I am excited not to be putting chemicals into my body.

~ G.F.

My daughter, Rachel, started having ear infections at 4 months of age. We continuously battled them until her first birthday, in which we tentatively scheduled surgery to have tubes put in her ears. After we scheduled the surgery, which we later cancelled, we came to Dockter-Lutz Chiropractic to see if they could help her. Within 2 weeks her ears were clear and two months after the initial treatment they still remain clear and ear infection free. She is a much happier baby now. I would highly recommend Dockter-Lutz Chiropractic to anyone. They have done incredible work for Rachel and myself.

~ M.B.

My Headaches: When I first came to Dockter-Lutz Chiropractic, I was desperate for relief from a migraine that had already lasted four days. I was surprised when I was told that I had arthritis in my neck, as I was only 38 at the time. I hadn’t even realized how limited my range of motion had become. I was amazed at how much it improved after several months of adjustments. The headaches are now less frequent and are shorter in duration. I also regained the 1.5 inches in height that I thought I had lost due to osteoporosis!

My Hip: When I was in my teens, I had a bike accident that left me with nearly constant pain in my hip. Since chiropractic had helped with my neck pain and headaches, I thought maybe it could help with the hip pain as well, and it did! There was a significant improvement after just the first adjustment.

My Hormones: After a 20+ year battle with severe endometriosis, I had a complete hysterectomy at age 36. I was having unpleasant side effects from the hormone replacement that my medical doctor had me on. When I saw the brochure on hormone testing and natural hormone therapy at the clinic, I asked if this would be a possibility for me. With the doctors' help, I switched from my prescription to a natural supplement; no more hot flashes or mood swings and I feel better overall. Life is great!

My Children: I was taking my six-year-old son to a physical therapist because he had trouble with balance and coordination. The physical therapist had recommended orthotics and six months of physical therapy. Not wanting to just “put a patch” on the problem, I took him to Dockter-Lutz Chiropractic. I noticed an improvement in my son after his first adjustment. In only a few months, his physical capabilities were equal to those of his peers... and he did not need orthotics! Even the physical therapists, who are typically non-believers in chiropractic, were amazed!

The doctors and staff at Dockter-Lutz Chiropractic are a terrific group of people who really care about the wellbeing of their patients! Thank you for dramatcially improving my life!

~ J.S.

I wanted to express my thanks for the amazing chiropractic services I received at your office. My family doctor had told me that my back pain was just a symptom of old age that I would have to live with. When I finally decided to visit a chiropractor, I was lucky enough to pick your office from my list of providers. Dr. Dockter diagnosed my back problems and initiated treatment that corrected a bulging disc and eventually alleviated all symptoms. This is the first time my back has been pain-free in over a year. Until visiting your office, I was pretty sure I was going to have back pain the rest of my life. I am delighted with my progress and will recommend your office to anyone who needs chiropractic services!

~ L.K.

When I go to a new chiropractor for the first time I have four fears: he will hurt me, he will make my problems worse, he won’t be able to help me and he wont give me personalized care. My fears were erased during my first appointment with Dr. Reents. He was warm, caring and treated me as an individual. He listened to me. He took a thorough medical history, assessed my range of motion and pain levels and discussed my previous chiropractic experiences. He provided me with a personalized treatment plan – one based on my individual problems and responses to chiropractic treatments. He explained in advance what adjustments he was going to do and made sure I was comfortable through the adjustments. I recommend Dr. Reents for his personalized treatment and caring attitude.


At Dockter-Lutz Chiropractic, our results speak for themselves. Our patients not only appreciate our personal, caring, and effective treatment, but also the healing that takes place. Listed below are just a few of the many patient tesimonials we have received.
Just a quick note of thanks for what your treatments have done for me. I used to have headaches at least once a week that took almost 3 days to get rid of. Now they are virtually gone... thanks again!

~ K.M

I want to thank you for the TLC and for the report for my trainer. You always do so much for me. I don't know what I would do without you! I'm very happy I found such a wonderful and caring doctor. You have done more for me than you will ever know.

~ L.L.